RC Day 1: Pairing, Networking, and OS Discussion

Aug 15 2017

Today at RC: spent a couple of hours walking through the OSI protocol stack, layer by layer, for Hang Lu Su and Kenneth Duril. Counting this as my first pairing success! I’m continually impressed by how sharp the folks here are: we were able to talk about fairly complicated networking concepts and cover a great deal of material quickly. Looking forward to doing more programming.

Followed that up by joining the reading group for Operating Systems in Three Easy Pieces. Today’s discussion was on concurrency issues and event-based concurrency; I’d had some previous experience with that in courses at MIT, from 6.828 Operating System Engineering to 6.830 Database Systems and the no-longer-active multicore-programming class.

It continues to be an absolute privilege. If you’re reading this and you’re not at RC, I highly encourage you to apply. Thanks for reading.

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