Christian Ternus
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Christian J. Ternus

I'm a security researcher with Akamai's Adversarial Resilience team, doing system architecture, protocol analysis, and attack development. I've spoken at a few security conferences and occasionally blog about security and humanity at My posts there on white-guy tech privilege and infosec's jerk problem have enjoyed some brief notoriety.

You can find me as ternus on Twitter.

I sporadically release code onto GitHub, including the world-famous NSA Product Generator.

When I'm not at a computer, you'll often find me traveling overland on an adventure motorcycle trip. In September of 2014, I'll be heading down south from Boston to Argentina overland via motorcycle. I'll be writing about that experience at El Gran Camino.

I also enjoy photography — you can find my photos on Flickr.

I graduated from MIT in June of 2010. Before that I grew up in the Foreign Service, living all over the world.

To get in touch, drop me a line at ternus at (this domain).